Yoga by Laura Castello Segura

Yoga is punctual and silent;
always arrives at the pointer moment,
whispering to quiet your mind.
It is also ordering and enjoyment;
because he likes routines,
But he always does it right to make you feel great.
Yoga has no age
is movement
is openness and spaciousness
it is surrender and surrender.
Yoga is not done,
it falls apart and grabs you;
to hug you.
Yoga illuminates the little corners of your being,
by opening windows that aerate and connect,
by broadening your soul with each practice.
Yoga is life and as such, it has to be lived.

Laura is a writer and is based in Barcelona.

From Inhabiting Words

You can read more about his writings that go between the spiritual and the mundane in: Inhabiting Words.

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Laura Castello Segura
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