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Patricia Sánchez Pérez


Welcome to Yoga Taronja, my little corner on the net from where I share yoga practice. My name is Patricia and I am originally from Cullera, a coastal city in Valencia, although after 10 years of hopping around the world I am currently enjoying my 33rd return to the sun Altea, Alicante.  

Patricia discovered yoga during high school when she was 17 years old and has been practicing different styles of the discipline ever since. After 11 years of intermittent studio and self-practice, she completed her first YTT in 2014 with Sidhi Yoga, Dharamshala, where she obtained a multi-styles certificate and fell in love with Yin yoga and Ayurvedic practices. Until 2020 she has been complementing her teaching experience by adding 2,500 hours of teaching especially in yin yoga and hatha-vinyasa yoga with CPD's while she continues her academic studies in Liberal Arts and an MBA in Environmental Auditing.

Patricia's teachings incorporate conscious movement, functional anatomical alignment, yoga philosophy, pranayama practices, and meditative stillness. She often provides variations and adjustments that will help everyone feel comfortable in the practice. Her passion for the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities is reflected in her teachings, making her classes a safe and inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

Furthermore las clases públicas, private sessions And online, often are organised workshops, master classes and events with a holistic approach. There is always something cooking so don't forget to take a look at our schedule!

Yoga Taronja - Patricia Sanchez - Yoga Move Two

A critical and conscious thinking

In yoga and in general in life I am always in a process of learning and unlearning. Many times we start with the practice of Yoga without questioning our beliefs. Sometimes we fall prey to believing that yoga is an easy fashion to worship the body, the beautiful, flexible and strong. Other times we fall prey to the belief that it is a coconut comedy, we label it rare or esoteric, or quite the opposite, we elevate it to the skies and worship it as miraculous without giving us time to know its principles. I have fallen into almost all of them, that is why today I do not like to cling to any belief because I have learned that the answers are found precisely in questioning them. 

Más allá de compartir mi paz interior y amor por el yoga he tenido que desarrollar un pensamiento crítico para contribuir a que quien practique conmigo sean conscientes de estas creencias que a través de la publicidad nos dice que la imagen es lo más importante. El yoga no es alcanzar nuestra idea de perfección y la Âsana no funciona sola porque el Yoga es un método trinitario donde âsana, prânâyâma y dhyana forman una unidad. Además el yoga en cada cuerpo se manifiesta de manera diferente y no hace falta ser flexible o hacer el pino con una mano para practicar yoga o ser una buena maestra.

Desmitificar el yoga y desaprender lo que hemos aprendido a oscuras es algo que nos puede incomodar al principio pero nos va a ayudar a despejar las piedras seguras para poder cruzar el río de una orilla a otra. Por eso evito caer en dicotomías mejor/peor bueno/malo, porque no deseeo quedarme encerrada en una definición del yoga fija e inamovible. Honrro y aprendo de la mano de muchos maestros y de cada maestro hay algo nuevo que puedo aprender, de sus técnicas, conocimiento o de como responden los egos. En definitiva hay que incorporar el principio de Aparigraha a la práctica del yoga y desapergarse de nuestra zona de confort. Mientras disfrutamos de estudiar las teorías y fundamentos generales de los libros y hay que experimentarlos con nuestra práctica. 


Yoga con Patricia y Clara en Montaña de Cullera

Yoga is Healing

Yoga for me has been a healing process. My relationship with yoga began at the age of seventeen when I began to have lower back and hip problems caused by rhythmic gymnastics as a teenager. The anxiety and psoriasis came later when I necessarily had to stop practicing gymnastics. After trying different healing and rehabilitation methods, the doctor mentioned starting yoga.

16 years later I can see myself recovered from lumbar and hip problems, the psoriasis is gone and anxiety is no longer the owner of my life. I like to have a sincere relationship with yoga, I understand that it has not been the cure for all my ills but it has been my faithful companion in this healing process. 

I consider myself a permanent student, always learning as a teacher. I always find in yoga the ideas and tools to scratch the surface of the ego and to discover what is really happening inside me. I hope that my experience can inspire other people to find their own path in yoga.

Yoga is activism

As a curious child with parents who love to travel, I am passionate about the beauty and synergies that exist on planet earth and the authenticity of the communities that inhabit it. This passion led me to study Tourism, Social and Cultural Anthropology (which I never finished), higher studies in Liberal Arts and finally MBA in Environmental Auditing. This education has helped me to put into practice the universal values ​​of yoga, paths that lead to the well-being of myself and the environment. That is why when I am not teaching, studying or practising yoga I like to contribute to making the world a better and fairer place by collaborating on other projects. 

India Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Has Taken Me Around The World.

The Beginnings

I am very grateful to all my teachers, having initiated with the practice of Sivananda since I was 17 years old with Mayra Serra Aragó, my local teacher in Cullera, who introduced me to the principles of yoga and spirituality.

Eastern Perspective

During my twenties, yoga practice took me all over the world, attending Dorothy Waetford's Shakti Naam Yoga classes in New Zealand. In 2014 I decided to deepen my yoga practice, so I took a course in 200h YTT Multi-style Siddhi Yoga In Dharamsala, India.

I learned about the different styles of the discipline; Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Therapeutic-Yin and Meditation with very knowledgeable teachers like Dr. Amrita Sharma, who introduced me to Ayurveda and the anatomical principles of yoga. Hari Om, who taught me the practice of Ashtanga / Vinyasa, Veet Jayo, who introduced me to the different meditation practices derived from Osho, Mahinder Prasad, who taught me about alignment, adjustments, therapeutic yin yoga, and Guru Muk , who shared with us the practice of traditional Hatha yoga and ideas from the philosophy and history of yoga.

During my time in North India I had the gift of attending the Dalai Lama's teachings and meditating with Tibetan monks. This experience was a very enriching opportunity on many levels.

Western Perspective

While I am in the UK, I had the opportunity to keep studying YTT and growing surrounded by experienced teachers such as Laura Guilmore from Bristol School of Yoga and Karen Kirkness from MeadowLark Yoga with whom I deepened my knowledge in the arts of adjusting. Kim Kriyasagar from Yoga London with whom I expanded my practice in incorporating ayurveda in the yoga practice, and Dru Yoga team with whom I learned to fusion yoga and dance. 

My International Yoga Community

While I am a yoga teacher, I also try to get time for myself by practising with my fellow yoga teachers. My yoga community has expanded so much that I would like to thank you all for continuing to share this experience.