Yoga and Autumn

Despite what social media teaches us, the practice of yoga asana was designed to harmonize the internal levels of vital energy which allows us cleanse and release body and mind, achieving a greater degree of concentration and being able to keep sitting still when meditating. 

Fall is the time of year when energy levels drop as we see in tree leaves.  

Our lungs are the receptors of vital energy and are affected by this natural phenomenon. An energy imbalance in the lungs can be reflected with chest pain, stiffness in the upper part of the trunk and shoulders, a feeling that we are short of breath and since our lungs are connected to our skin, imbalances in the skin can also be associated with this lack of energy. The objective of the practice of yoga is to assist in the rebalancing of this vital energy in our organs in order to live well and more fully. 

Fall is also a time of year when we collect ourselves as sap is collected in the roots of trees. 

This withdrawal, especially in people who by nature are more extroverted, can affect a lot since we travel from summer, an extroverted time of year, from being out there, to a time of year to find oneself with more time in solitude, sometimes encountering sadness and grief, especially if it is something that we have been suppressing to feel for a long time. 

Energy imbalances in internal organs are also associated with specific emotions. In the case of the lungs, since these are the ones who receive the energy in the first instance, they are affected by sadness and grief since they are emotions that drain our vital energy . These emotions are as necessary as any other, the problem arises when they occupy most of our space, ending up governing our decision-making in life. 

Yoga from its essence teaches us to go with the flow of what life brings, to let go of the need to continually correct ourselves or others, to let go of the need for control or perfection. Basically, it teaches us to find beauty in each moment and to let go of everything that is taking up too much space in order to make room for everything that really gives us.

So in the fall we will do some specific classes to balance the lung meridian which originates in the center of the torso, descends connecting with the large intestine (colon), ascends again penetrating the cardiac orifice and the lung, continues ascending communicating the clavicles and throat, continues traveling through the inner part of the arm up to our thumbs. 

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