Yin Yang Yoga Workshop, awakening the Chakras. Trika Yoga

Taller Yin Yang Yoga, despertando los Chakras. Trika Yoga

A 2-hour workshop with which we will explore our chakras and how they have a direct effect on our body’s ability to rebalance its energy levels. Each chakra is an energy center considered a cauldron of Prana energy, placed along the center of the vortex in the spine. They are in charge of collecting, transforming and distributing energy throughout the system. We will revitalize our chakras with a yin-yang yoga practice, we will practice chakra visualization and we will review the philosophy of the 7 main chakras; Root: Soil and Seed. Sacral: Renewal. Solar plexus: Action. Heart: Empathy. Throat: Speak. Third eye: Psyche. Crown: Unity.

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Patricia Sánchez
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