60 hours
small group
April 2022

Yoga training. A Functional Vision

Ayurveda + Emotional Management. Collaboration with Eva Oliver, general health psychologist, specialized in emotional disorders. Face-to-face in Altea, Alicante and Online.


Patricia Sánchez Pérez

18 years learning  to integrate yoga as a philosophy of life and 8 years in teaching, having worked with 250 people per week  for several years in Bristol, England. Specialized in Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Functional Yoga. Know your resume

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Training 60h Functional Yoga

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Formación de Yoga Alicante - con Ana

April 2022 Yoga Training 60h

Yoga training to complete, complete or start your certification as a yoga teacher.

We will explore the practice of yoga with a functional vision. 

This means that we apply the principle of individuality , recognizing human variation, moving away from the myth of “the perfect posture”. You will learn to integrate the stimulus variability that yogis and yoginis need so that the body does not end up injuring itself by always repeating the postures with the same alignment. Only there is where you will find liberation in your practice and teaching. 

You will learn to precisely adapt the practice of yoga to each person, recognizing the limitations and physical and psychological needs of each student in order to provide your students with inclusive and less frustrating classes.

You will learn some techniques taught by our general health psychologist Eva who will help you navigate traumas . We will explore how to integrate the tools of Ayurveda into yoga practice and the 7 archetypes from which all yoga postures emerge.

Yoga space by the sea.

We are located in Altea, Alicante, Cap Negret area. To know our exact location visit our Google page or contact us from the following link.

Estudio Yoga Taronja
Dentro el Estudio Yoga Taronja

A cozy space dedicated to the practice of yoga and the cultivation of our well-being.

We have thought a lot about how to make you feel at ease to help you reconnect with your peace. Listening to the waves and feeling the sea breeze as we get into the practice of yoga is a gift that we love to be able to share with all of you both in regular classes and workshops and also with this training that we are preparing with great care. and care.

Sharing yoga since 2014. 17 years of experience as a yoga practitioner.

Patricia came to yoga during her adolescence and since then she has been exploring different styles of the discipline.

After 11 years of practice she completed her first 200h training in 2014 with Sidhi Yoga, Dharamshala, India where she obtained a multi-style certificate and fell in love with Yin yoga and Ayurvedic practices. Until 2022, he has been complementing his teaching experience of +3,600 teaching hours, especially in Yin yoga and Hatha-Vinyasa yoga, with training in Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, Laura Guilmore from Bristol School of Yoga and Karen Kirkness from MeadowLark Yoga with whom he deepened his knowledge. in the arts of adjustment. Kim Kriyasagar of Yoga London with whom she expanded her practice by incorporating Ayurveda into her yoga practice, while continuing her academic studies in Liberal Arts and Sustainability.

Patricia’s teachings incorporate mindful movement, functional anatomical alignment, yoga philosophy, pranayama practices, and meditative stillness.

His passion for natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities is reflected in his teachings, making his classes a simple, close and warm space.

“I consider myself an introspective and creative person, with communication skills and active listening skills. I hope that these values allow me to carry out the purpose of serving and accompanying with respect, facilitating a philosophy of life that is based on the care of The personal relationships”.

Formación de Yoga Alicante - Patricia Sanchez en India

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