The Qualities And Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

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Yoga Benefits

It is no longer uncommon to hear about the benefits we receive from the practice of yoga. From my experience practicing and teaching yoga, it has been an interesting journey where I experienced the Benefits  yoga and I also saw in others how with constant practice they now feel healthier on all levels. It is also very common to hear about yoga injuries, but for this we will need to explain it in detail perhaps in a future post.

Western Yoga

Western yoga practice began to expand in the 1900s and was influenced by different Indian teachers at Vinyasa and Iyengar. Yoga was considered a gift from the east to the west for healing purposes. Although it was considered as a healing tool, much of this knowledge could not be translated and was lost in translation. This gave rise to our yoga practice today, where we focus yoga on asanas and pranayama. Generally, the mainstream considers this to be the reason for the practice of yoga, making it visible that we are placing an excessive emphasis on the practice of asanas. And it is that the qualities of yoga are not few. Some of the physiological benefits we receive are listed below:

Asanas (physical postures) are used to purify the body and mind.
Pranayama (breathing exercises) control energy channels and internal energy levels.
One of the most important benefits is how to control breathing, improve oxygenation of the body, relieve stress, relax the body and muscle tension.
Increases flexibility, strength and tones muscles.
Improves blood circulation, cardiovascular health and sports performance.
Reduce and improve old injuries.
Increases vital energy and helps with insomnia.
Detoxifies the internal organs.
Improve posture.
It is a great antidote to depression and anxiety.
Helps with chronic pain.
Releases endorphins, improving mental state.
Helps bring peace to mind and body.
Even so, we must bear in mind that the practice of asanas will not free us from the material disaster in which we find ourselves, nor will it free us from death. We must remember that the real goal of yoga is to establish our relationship with pure love in order to fill our hearts. For that reason, many modern yogis use the philosophy of yoga, to be able to delve into the Vedas seeking harmony in the world through peace, health and union. A deep vision of the unity between all human beings, the rest of the animals and the ecosystems.

Achieve relaxation → The nervous system relaxes → The mind is calm and focused → You can clearly see who you are → You find your keys to happiness → You gain knowledge and vision of unity.

The science of yoga.

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