My name is Monica and since I was little I began to train in the world of musical and plastic arts specializing in piano, painting and jewelry. Always inquiring into self-knowledge and connection with everything that surrounds us through different disciplines and themes rooted in nature, mysticism or love among others … I was trained as a teacher of Art Education and Art-therapy, when I had already discovered the philosophy of Yoga and was immersed in its wide practical range.

I recognized within myself that it was the ideal tool in that search for self-knowledge and personal growth, since we work on physical, mental and spiritual aspects, and we also share them all the time with our colleagues, teachers and students. So I have been in constant professional training for ten years with different types of yoga, meditation, mindful breathing, medicine, nutrition, Ayurvedic massage, etc. In this way I know and share the classical roots of Yoga, without neglecting the creativity that the artistic world has provided me, thus offering my students sessions and courses  of Yoga  creative, varied, and full of elements of bioenergy and consciousness for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

At the same time, I do Humanimal flow trainings, both personal and in groups. It consists of a practice of exercises that allow obtaining specific results, such as strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle correction, and neuromuscular coordination, etc. and they are inspired by animal locomotion, capoeira, Chi kung, Yoga, Biodanza and many other disciplines, without a doubt a challenging and very fun training plan. 

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