Relax! Yin Sequence to Refine Alignment and Quiet the Mind

Yoga with Straps - Pose Five
Yoga with Straps – Pose Five

Yoga Accessories

The accessories that we will use are the strap, a blanket and a cushion.

Yoga accessories can deepen the practice in unpredictable ways. Adding accessories to our regular asanas can completely change our experience, plus it would be a great time to explore and experiment with our yoga practice.

The use of accessories also gives us feedback that we can apply in everyday life. Whether it is because we notice our emotional response when we wear accessories, this practice helps us increase our awareness of muscle imbalances. Finally, it helps us address these problems more efficiently in our day-to-day lives.

Refining the Alignment

Accessories are not for beginners. There is a great stigma with wearing accessories as it has been seen as a sign of weakness. But the facts show that if we learn how to use them wisely, it can refine our practice, while helping us find the proper alignment rather than struggling and forcing the body to look the way we think it should look.

Accessory yoga helps us adapt the practice to the shape and structure of our specific body. In addition to creating a greater opening and strengthening of our internal tissues and joints, it prevents us from avoiding injuries since it shows us the alignment to obtain more from each asana.

Calm the mind

In these types of relaxed practices, we often find ourselves thinking that we are not doing anything because we are not feeling anything. Here the ego will be to blame, either because we are immersed in the “no pain no gain” mentality that also exists in yoga, or else we find that the mind is miles away doing laundry, shopping, or God knows where.

Practicing with accessories helps us to guide our breathing in a deeper and more relaxed way and to find a space within ourselves where we can create moments of stability that calm the mind and calm the inner chatter in the monkey’s mind.

The Yoga Sequence

Long stays of 5 min for each asana. 

Supta Baddha Konasana

Supta Baddha Konasana, strap around the legs from hips

Yoga with straps pose 6
Supta Baddha Konasana

Leg on Leash

Leg on strap: tight hamstrings, strap from shoulder blades to midfoot.

Yoga with Straps - Pose One
Yoga with Straps – Leg in Strap

Reclined Half Saddle

Reclining half chair: therapist for knee injuries. Shoulder strap to instep. Readjust the strap to a measurement in which you have sensations of stretching in the quadricep but the knees are comfortable without discomfort. 

Yoga with straps pose 2
Reclined Half Saddle

Cobra With Flexed Legs

Cobra with bent legs, strap from upper chest, armpits up to instep.

Yoga with Strap Pose Three
Yoga with Strap – Cobra With Flexed Legs


Caterpillar. Belt from armpit to midfoot. Round the middle and upper column. If the neck does not feel good letting the head drop, point the nose towards the fingers or place a support between the forehead and your legs. 

Yoga with Straps - Pose Five
Yoga with Straps – Caterpillar


Inversion supported with reinforcement under the sit bones + legs on the strap from the shoulder blades to the mid feet. Neck relaxed on the floor, allowing space between chin-throat and floor-cervical. We do not want to rectify the neck. If your stifle is above the forehead, rest your head and neck on a cushion. 

Yoga with Straps - Pose Four
Yoga with Straps – Inversion

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