Reflections of a Yogini in troubled times

Reflexiones de una Yoguini en tiempos revueltos

We are in a year of continuous change, fear and uncertainty, in which everything seems to have been turned upside down and in which things are happening to all of us that take us out of our comfort zone.

It is as if we are being tested on a global level. As if we wanted to measure our ability to react and adapt to new and unexpected situations.

As a Yoga teacher I try to apply this philosophy to my personal life and I always invite my students to look for similarities between physical practice (when you are on your mat) and aspects of our day to day; take the practice out of the mattress or yoga room.

For example, I like to compare this ability to adapt to the new with “flexibility.” Being flexible is not only about doing a perfect “split” but also about flexibility in our mind, being able to get out of our routine and make the necessary changes without affecting our mood.

To me, like to any neighbor’s son, things have also happened to me in recent months that have displaced the rhythm of life that I led. This, although forced, has made me stop to reflect, to realize how I am living it (physically and psychologically), how I am adapting to what is being presented to me.

If Yoga helps me increase the flexibility of my muscles, or if it goes further.

Walking the path of yoga is transformed on many levels, especially on a personal and spiritual level. Of course it has made me change the way I perceive my reality, it has made me be more flexible on a mental level, to know myself more, it has helped me not to get attached to situations, people or material aspects. Detachment is one of the “Yamas” or principles of Yoga and is called “Aparigraha”.

But leaving aside technicalities of Yoga Philosophy, what I mean by all this is that it is possible to apply Yoga to your day-to-day life.

It is not necessary to force anything, just flow with life and enjoy this spiritual path, without expectations, releasing and confining that the Universe will bring us the appropriate and necessary situations for our personal growth.

And one day it will happen to you like me, that you will marvel at the Magic of Yoga, you will be aware of all the good it gives us and what is to come.

Do Yoga with your body and with your mind. Flow, release and trust, the Universe will provide.


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Lucia is a yoga teacher based in Onil where she teaches her regular face-to-face classes. 

You will also find her on her YouTube channel Soy Yoga. 

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