Yoga Therapy

It is an aspect of the ancient science of the yogis that focuses on the health and well-being of the person at all levels. It is configured as a preventive system of long-proven effectiveness. We create a specific therapy to respond to your needs that will help you improve as quickly as possible.

Medical research offers more and more evidence that yogatherapy is effective. It can be used in combination with the medical treatments you are receiving and also with other complementary therapies. The therapy is safe, with no side effects or contraindications.

Patricia Sánchez

Manager & Yoga Teacher at Taronja Wellbeing Centre.

I consider myself a simple, close, warm, introspective and creative person, with active listening skills. I hope that these values allow me to carry out the purpose of serving and accompanying with respect, facilitating a philosophy of life that is based on caring for personal relationships.

Graduated in Liberal Arts from the University of the West of England.
Master Business Administration – Environmental Audit.

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About me

My transformation with yoga began at the age of 17 when I began to have difficulties with anxiety, lower back and psoriasis, like that, all at once.

Since then I have been practicing different styles of the discipline. In 2014 with 27 years old I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training with Sidhi Yoga, Dharamshala, India, where I obtained a multi-style certificate and fell in love with Yin yoga and Ayurvedic practices. I am always complementing my teaching experience adding over 4000 hours of teaching, especially in Yin yoga and Hatha-Vinyasa yoga with other yoga trainings at the hands of experienced and internationally recognized teachers and health experts.

The Beginnings
I am very grateful to all my teachers, having practiced Sivananda yoga since the age of 17 with Mayra Serra Aragó, my local teacher in Cullera, who introduced me to the practice of yoga.

Eastern perspective
During my twenties, the yoga practice took me all over the world, attending Dorothy Waetford’s Shakti Naam Yoga classes in New Zealand. In 2014 I decided to deepen my yoga practice, so I did a 200 hour multi-style yoga teacher training course with Siddhi Yoga, in Dharamsala, India.

I learned about the different styles of discipline; Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Therapeutic-Yin and Meditation with very knowledgeable teachers like Dr. Amrita Sharma who introduced me to Ayurveda and the anatomical principles of yoga. Hari Om who taught me the Ashtanga/Vinyasa practice, Veet Jayo who introduced me to the different meditation practices derived from Osho, Mahinder Prasad who taught me about alignment, adjustments, yin therapeutic yoga, and Guru Muk , who shared with us the practice of traditional Hatha yoga and insights from yoga philosophy and history.

During my time in North India I had the gift of attending the Dalai Lama’s philosophic teachings and meditating with Tibetan monks. This experience was a very enriching opportunity on many levels.

Western Perspective
During the five years that I have lived in Bristol, UK, I have had the opportunity to continue studying YTT and growing up surrounded by experienced teachers such as Laura Gilmore from Bristol School of Yoga and Karen Kirkness from MeadowLark Yoga, with whom I deepened my knowledge in the arts. of the setting. Kim Kriyasagar from Yoga London, with whom I expanded my knowledge of Ayurveda to be able to incorporate it into my yoga practice, and Paul Grilley’s team with whom I studied yin yoga from a functional perspective.

My International Yoga Community
While I am a yoga teacher, I also try to make time for myself by practicing with my fellow yoga teachers. My yoga community has expanded so much that I would like to thank you all for continuing to share this experience and continue to trust me after so many years.