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Initiation to yoga

A practice with which you will find your own alignment. If you are a regular yoga practitioner or if you want to start, with this class we teach you guidelines that will help you find a specific alignment for you.

In addition, you delve into the principles of yoga which help us to improve not only our practice on the mat but also our life outside of it.


Classes aimed at improving posture, relieving back pain and strengthening the core.

You will perform exercises not only of the Pilates method but also of proprioception, breathing, and others always at the pace of each person, favoring above all feeling good with the activity and connecting with body and mind.

elders pilates

Gentle Pilates

Ideal exercises for those who are beginning in some exercise regime and for older adults to increase their quality of life.
Increase flexibility, avoiding possible injuries. Strengthens muscle tone, reducing joint pain. It helps correct inappropriate body postures and body alignment. Improve respiratory capacity. It contributes to self -esteem, concentration and mood.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha is a style of yoga promoted as a modern form of classical Indian yoga.

This style is energetic and includes stillness in the asana (posture), movement linked to breathing (vinyasa), the development of concentration, the activation of energy and inner silence.

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Rest Yin Yoga

Passive approach to yoga where the poses are held comfortably for between 2 and 5 minutes. In this class, we approach Yin yoga with hypermobility and injury in mind.

Sometimes more Yin, sometimes more Restorative. This practice not only improves flexibility. This style of yoga is especially aimed at strengthening and improving the functioning of our internal organs, joints, and internal areas beyond muscles such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia. In addition to relaxing the nervous system.

Functional Movement

It is a proposal with which strength, resistance, flexibility and proprioception are improved.

We nourish the body with repertoires of yoga postures, Pilates, exercises and movements similar to the technical patterns of sports and functional training.

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Flow Yoga

We move in a dynamic and joyous practice, flowing with the breath and grounding specific postures to create solidity and stability.

Develop body intelligence.

Gentle Yoga

This practice focuses on releasing and mobilizing body, mind and breathing.

We improve posture, flexibility and balance. Forting muscles and bones, and relieving stress.
We use pranayama and meditation techniques to mobilise up the mind and improve breathing.
All as a whole collaborating to the reduction of chronic pain and an improvement in the quality of life.

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