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I invite you to enjoy a little while in a community where you can simply be yourself without pressure or rush. walk lightly.

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The inner path to your well-being and peace of mind.

It is not just an online yoga class. ūüßė It is an online program adapted to your needs.

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Meet Patri

Patricia S√°nchezfdskdsadlakslsdklasd

Very good! I am Patricia S√°nchez. My path in yoga began in 2004 and as a teacher since 2014. I am trained (and I continue to train) with the best experienced yoga teachers from the USA, India, Spain and the United Kingdom, where I have been living and working in different yoga studios putting into practice everything I have learned for 7+ years.
In addition to offering online membership, I manage Espai Taronja in Altea, Alicante (Spain) where I teach face-to-face classes and trainings to our community of yogis and yoginis.

I consider myself to be a simple, close, warm , introspective and creative person, with communication skills and active listening skills. I hope that these values allow me to carry out the purpose of serving and accompanying from respect, facilitating a philosophy of life that is based on the care of personal relationships, friendship and love.

You can gossip about my training and experience here.

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The latest blog entry

Pain, Fear and Yoga.

“The fear hurts more than the damage.”
Arturo Goicoechea

This month in class we are bringing attention to that relationship we have with pain.
Pain is much more complex than we thought and begins in the interaction between the body, the neurological system, the brain and psychology.
The latest science around pain has discovered these revolutionary concepts that now help us how to teach and practice yoga.

In short:
Pain does not originate in the body’s tissues, but originates in the brain, which is the place where the body’s signals are interpreted.
Pain is not an accurate measure of damage to muscles, ligaments, etc. Sometimes we don’t feel pain even when the damage is severe. Other times we feel more pain than we actually have.
Pain is interpreted through the nervous system. Since yoga calms the nervous system it is a great tool to alleviate and manage our experience with pain.

Putting fear in the body has always been much easier than taking it out….

In yoga there is also a lot that happens that anything in the body is explained from a simplistic perspective, and well, in 1 hour of class there is no need for more! But we have to understand that our Being is a complex system in which the body-mind-emotions and the nervous system are in continuous communication.

Basically Arturo Goicoechea states that migraine pain is a neuroimmune dysfunction. The immune system sends a wrong signal, promoted by the nervous system, and this in turn overreacts to a situation that does not really exist. Fascinating right?
‚ÄúPain is an opinion on the state of health of our organism and not a mere reflexive response to the injury. There is no direct line between pain receptors and pain centers in the brain. “
Phantoms in the brain. VS Ramachandran & Sandra Blakesle