Restorative Pilates

Hello! My name is Ana and I graduated in physiotherapy in 2019, a profession that I have been practicing since then. I specialized in pelvic floor physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise, subjects in which I continue to train every day and which I enjoy putting into practice with each of the patients. Currently I work as a pelvic floor physiotherapist in various centers and I teach Pilates.

For me, health and movement go hand in hand, not only professionally, but also personally. In my therapies, as in my life, physical activity always takes priority, hence my passion for Pilates.

At Espai Taronja I will take care of the restorative pilates and prenatal gymnastics classes. I hope we can meet soon and enjoy together. Movement is fluidity and control at the same time, and that is what I intend to convey to you, always from closeness and connection with oneself.