Is Yoga Healing?

Benefits of Yoga
Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been a healing process for me

Yoga for me has been a healing process. My relationship with yoga began at the age of seventeen when I began to have lower back and hip problems caused by rhythmic gymnastics during adolescence.

Anxiety and psoriasis came later when I necessarily had to stop practicing gymnastics. After trying different healing and rehabilitation methods, the doctor mentioned starting yoga to learn how to breathe and improve anxiety, and he was right.

17 years later I can see myself recovered from lumbar and hip problems, psoriasis is gone and anxiety is no longer the owner of my life. I like to have a sincere relationship with yoga, I understand that it has not been the cure for all my ills but it has been my faithful companion in this healing process. 

A permanent student

I consider myself a permanent student, always learning as a teacher and I understand that the motives and reasons why we started practicing yoga are going to be transformed over time.

I hope that my experience can inspire other people to find their own path in yoga.

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