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Curso Introduccion al Yoga at Breathe Bristol

This course is designed for those who want to get started in yoga and for those who have an interest in understanding yoga beyond the practice of asanas (posture). Each week we explore a different style of yoga, becoming familiar with Yamas and Niyamas (yoga guidelines and discipline), practicing different pranayama (breathing exercises) techniques, as we learn the basic qualities of each style and understand the differences between them.

It will take place once a week for 5 weeks and the classes will last 90 minutes.

My goal with this course is to have you create a solid foundation, while developing the strength and confidence that will help you deepen your yoga practice. In each class we will go step by step deconstructing each of the basic asanas (postures / movements). We will understand the importance of body alignment and how to practice within our physical limits while challenging those we mentally set. The intention is that you find a love for this practice while experiencing the benefits that yoga brings us at all levels.


Receive a free class in that style of yoga with which you have best connected.

If you bring a friend you will receive 3 free classes!

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