Incense and Yoga

Incense and Yoga

Incense and Yoga with Breathe & Be

Since ancient times, scents, perfumes, fragrances, incense have been used to invoke a specific mood and response, help relaxation, sleep, increase concentration and stimulate creativity. Due to their calming and stress-relieving abilities, incense sticks and essential oils have become an integral part of every yoga session around the world.

So what makes incense a perfect companion during yoga?

The Right Atmosphere: Lighting an incense during yoga sessions helps create the right atmosphere for your body and mind, creating a serene atmosphere that helps you focus. Additionally, incense sticks help increase energy levels while keeping the mind at rest for a pleasant and peaceful yoga session.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Yoga is known for its relaxing and stress relieving abilities. Burning incense can further improve these moods and temporarily take you away from daily life. In terms of relaxation, it brings the heart rate and breathing to a standard rhythm and calms the mind, one of those fragrances known for its natural and relaxing aroma that helps you relax and enjoy your yoga session is Breathe & Be Incense, ‘Namaste’ from our Yoga Range.

Enhanced Focus – Many teachers use music as a means to focus the class, however incenses are known to have fragrances that aid concentration and increase focus, such as our “Focus” incense from our Home range. Scents have a much more subtle effect on the mind and body and seem less intrusive than playing background music.

Improves Mood: The scent of incense is known to be the most memory-stimulating of the five senses. Many times, the smell of an incense triggers memories of the past that are associated with that fragrance. Such memories tend to improve the mood with each breath and keep the mind and body focused on the session.

Smoke Cleansing Sage & Palo Santo

Smoke Cleansing Sage & Palo Santo : They are perfect aids to use in yoga class as they help ground, eliminate negative energy, relax and calm the immune and nervous system. I personally love burning incense when doing yoga, it creates an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation and one of my favorite forms of self-love.
Over the years, I have noticed among yoga teachers and students a love / hate relationship with incense and yoga, some teachers fill the room with smoke and choose not so healthy incense, which is a shame because it is chosen Well and used correctly, incense is one of the most natural ways to perfume and enhance a yoga practice.

Below are some of my personal recommendations when buying incense and excerpts from a book on incense that I am currently writing:

  1. When choosing an incense, I always say look for intention just by smelling the incense in the packets, you will not get the true scent as it needs to have space to mix with the air and unfold in a room.
  2. Always choose pure, natural plant-based or loose botanical incense sticks, these all-natural incense sticks are made from aromatic herbs and are the healthiest types of incense on the market. For a smokeless option, choose Japanese or Tibetan incense, which does not have a bamboo core and the type that is made only from pure rolled herbs. This style also burns more slowly and produces a subtle and elegant “cloud”.
  3. Natural incense sticks smell different when in their box, ideally you need to light one to get the true fragrance. If you smell a strong aroma from the package, it is probably scented and best avoided. Often times natural incense sticks either smell spicy or do not smell at all, but don’t let that put you off, often lighting one will experience a strikingly different scent as the herbs blend together on burning, creating something that is just a true artist with the mastery of mixing natural herbs can produce.
  4. If your incense is well chosen and you have ensured that there is nothing in there except rolled up pure aromatic ingredients, you will surely breathe in the healing properties of the plant, the true scent, the healthiest kind of room fragrance for your yoga practice.
    Frankincense offers a variety of benefits. Burning an incense stick can add a new level of concentration, relaxation, and positive energy to your daily yoga session. You can also bring more positivity and improvement to your daily life by burning incense in your living space while doing your work or leisure.

For more information about our ranges of pure plant-based incense and accessories, visit our website Breathe and Be Incense and using the discount code: YOGATARONJA10%, enjoy a 10% discount on your purchases and say hello to our account Instagram @breatheandbeincense

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