Holistic Sunday

Sunday to empower yourself

This Sunday, March 7, support women entrepreneurs and in exchange take:

???? High knowledge of ancestral techniques for self-care and personal development.

???? Spend a morning full of well-being.

In this co-workshop we will work introspection to know ourselves inside, and thus be able to focus on what we are feeling to balance our vital energy (Chi).

Chi is the common thread that mediates between emotional, physical, mental and energetic aspects of our existence.


NEREA 1 hour and 15 min.

He will teach us a beauty routine that combines Japanese facial massage, facial yoga, and reflexology. He will also give us advice for our facial care with organic cosmetics and aromatherapy. 

For the class they have to bring a vegetable oil (jojoba, almonds, argan, rosehip …), a hand towel and an appointment to remove the hair. 


Nerea Panera, female mentor and holistic beauty professional. Accompany restless women and seekers on their way to increase their self-esteem and inner power.


PATRICIA 1 hour 30min.

He will guide us in a Yin yoga practice with which we will explore the main qualities of our internal body using the meridian theory to be able to stimulate the body, mind and soul in a holistic way, unblocking and balancing our vital energy (Chi).


Patricia Sánchez, Experienced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance Registered Trainer. Specialized in Yin Yoga.


Hours 10: 00-13: 00

Contribution € 35


See you on the other side ????

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Patricia Sánchez
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