Geopolitics In Yoga, Happy International Yoga Day?

The Geopolitics in Yoga, Happy International Yoga Day?

Yoga Is Union

The main basis of yoga “Yog” is union, union with oneself and union with the whole. As a yogini my duty is to observe what separates us and to create ways to rebuild that union?

We Can’t Create Union If We Don’t See Separation

The problem comes when we cannot create that union because we are not seeing the separation. That is, if we do not see our privileges, if we do not critically analyze practices such as supremacy, discrimination or nationalisms. 

As yogis we must question and work to resolve all those practices that create more barriers, more inequality and more suffering among people, other beings and ecosystems that are part of planet earth. We can never unite if we do not see the separation, and without critical thinking we can never analyze or resolve what separates us.

What are we celebrating?

What exactly do we celebrate with International Yoga Day? Apparently something as harmless as a party where people are invited to practice yoga. It is always easier to pretend that problems do not exist or to convince yourself that we do not have time to analyze and solve them out of privilege. And so busy not paying attention we end our days.

My Silence Goes Against Ahimsa

I am nobody to judge, besides blaming or shaming others is not on my agenda, but discrimination is an issue that is getting more and more complicated. My job is not to remain silent since I would be contributing to these problems to continue to exist and it would go against my principles and Ahimsa. 

Scratch The Surface

International Yoga Day was introduced by Hindu President Narendra Modi in 2015. An event that undoubtedly attracts millions of people of all nationalities to practice yoga together, and what is more beautiful than sharing the practice of yoga?

We can stay here believing the conventional narrative that all is well, “peace, love for all. or scratch the surface and see what is inside, as we are used to doing in yoga. I have always been very curious.  Well, scratching just a little bit we can see political figures positioning themselves as political and spiritual leaders for India while other religions and ethnic minorities in the country are excluded. Enacting citizenship laws that expressly target Muslims.

Delhi-based lawyer Gautam Bhatia says that by dividing alleged immigrants into “Muslims and non-Muslims,” the bill “explicitly and blatantly seeks to enshrine religious discrimination in law, contrary to our secular constitutional ethics. ».

Whenever I have been to India I have been amazed to see how the different religions and communities have known how to live together and relate to each other. But it seems that the next trip I will see things somewhat changed. Because while the Modi government invites us to the West to celebrate World Yoga Day, he meets and strengthens his relationship with Donald Trump. It uses nationalist rhetoric contributing to increased anti-Muslim riots and attacks. He allows the paramilitaries and the government to attack and even kill Muslims under his rule, imprisoning intellectuals and activists for no reason, meanwhile we: posturing on Instagram: “happy international yoga day”. Kisses of love.

Facing Oppression

As if it is not enough to have to face the oppression of white supremacy, now we also have to face it.  Personally, I have stopped seeing International Yoga Day as a harmless celebration of yoga. Not while behind the Hindu nationalist project that uses yoga as a political campaign. 

But it will not be the first or the last time that yoga is used to exclude or separate. So for my part I make it clear that yoga was never under the purist vision of any religion, it has only been influenced and used as a tool by Buddhism, Janinism and Hinduism. Undoubtedly yoga is against any type of supremacy since they all subdue and repress, and that goes against our principle in yoga “Bhakti” liberation from our fears, while we illuminate the path of our friends walking by their side and not in front or behind anyone. 

That is why we must question what we are celebrating and the impact that this entails and if we want to be part of it or not. Ultimately, we would have to stand in solidarity with those who experience oppression and discrimination, and continue to explore the impacts of our actions in the current geopolitical context.

Let’s sing

Let us chant the mantra MA, sound and vibration that evokes the energy of the Sacred Mother, which nourishes everything without exclusion or discrimination.


8 times per breath for 5-11 minutes.

As you chant, invoke and become one with the Divine Mother. Fill your body, aura and inner space with Mother’s Love. In our unit, our wounded mothers and our mothers are healed.


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