Tea  we structure the classes monthly  for what  progress  at your own pace.

You have unlimited access to online material  from the Archives of Yoga for you to practice from the comfort of your home or anywhere with classes published to date of different levels and styles.

Each class is different . We are changing the theme, intention and focus, in addition to exploring different styles of practice ( hatha- vinyasayinyin yang …)

Direct access to  one individual Q&A session per month  (question and answer sessions) to solve doubts and learn what the next steps are to take.

You have Ayurveda and mindfulness content to complete your practice.

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Your Free Week

Life has already taught you that both steps and pauses are necessary if we want to live a fuller, more present and conscious life.

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Know yourself

You know that yoga is a powerful tool to get to know yourself better and grow and you would like to implement it in your day to day so that it becomes part of your life and routine.

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Question you

You already know what combination of doshas make up its constitution since you have to pay more attention to it in your diet, in your yoga practice and in your mental activity. In general in your day to day to learn to live more present.

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Summer Camp

You already have more self-knowledge in your practice and this motivates you to continue growing and gain more control over your body and your breathing.

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Celebrate you

You have acquired a good routine in your week that you like and motivate.
You live your day to day more fully and presently.
You feel more agile and strong physically and mentally.