Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurvedic Yoga with Patricia

As some of you may know, I was trained in Yoga and Ayurveda during 2014 in India and with Kriya Ayurveda in London during 2019. That training gave me the opportunity to deeply understand nature within the practice of Yoga.

Ayurvedic Yoga

It will be an Ayurvedic yoga practice where we will explore suggestions for the practice of asana (postures) for each dosha (body constitution), how to adapt the practice depending on the season of the year and how we can help ourselves to rebalance any excess or energy deficit through asana and pranayama.
They will be from 2h (10:00 am-12:00pm) UK TIME

Ayurvedic Wisdom in Our Yoga Practice

As we recognize our intrinsic relationship with nature, we become more conscious beings and begin to take more responsibility for our actions. Ayurveda has personally helped me create a way of living in harmony with myself and with planet earth.

In Sunday’s workshop we explored the scientific principles behind Ayurveda and how to adapt yoga practice to the different seasons of the year. We focused on specific practices for Spring. We hope to repeat this workshop in the future because the truth is that it was very revealing. Responding to some of your suggestions this week I share some tips so that you can apply in your day to day in order to balance the Dosha Kapha during spring.

Spring has the qualities of Kapha, it is warm as the sun, humid as the rain, mild without too much cold or too much heat, and oily with pollen, flowers and honey. The warm temperatures melt the ice and the snow accumulated in winter begins to melt. In the same way that Kapha begins to liquefy, melt and travel downstream. That is why spring is associated with colds and the practice of Panchakarma is recommended, to cleanse the system of excess Kapha and thus avoid colds, allergies, hay fever and nasal congestion.

Other recommendations:

Get up early and go for a walk.

Avoid sleeping during the day.

Practice sun salutations and stimulating hatha-vinyasa asanas such as plank, camel, bridge, fish, boat, sail, bow, and locust.

Bhastrika breathing (fire breathing), preferably with a teacher who knows how to guide you.

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