A poem

Poem by Desiree Baltanas Oliva


I built a home with what I could. I abandoned places, cardboard boxes, endless marathons from train to train. From point A to Z. I don’t want to forget the smoke from the freshly lit incense, the smell of sandalwood. Rain on every sidewalk. It caught me at idle hours. I looked for some peace and I found Yoga. when you don’t have much, time or space.- a mat fits anywhere, two-pound leggings work miracles. I found the panacea for good days, bad days, improvable moments; there was even room to save themselves from a pandemic. I think I came to the Vinyasas with a fragmented heart and I recovered little by little, without realizing it I became strong. I learned to wait; to breathe calmly and be patient. To trust the process and grow, despite everything.

A poem inspired by yoga

Desirée is based in Barcelona. 

You can read more Naturalism and Sensibility writings on his Instagram account.

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Desiree Baltanas Oliva
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