A Critical and Conscious Thinking

Yoga con Patricia y Clara en Montaña de Cullera
Yoga with Patricia and Clara in Montaña de Cullera

A constant learning process

In yoga and in life in general I am always in a process of learning and unlearning.  Many times we start with the practice of Yoga without questioning our beliefs. Sometimes we fall prex to believe that yoga is an easy fashion to worship the body, the beautiful, flexible and strong. Other times we fall prey to the belief that it is a coconut comedic, we label it rare or esoteric, or quite the opposite, we elevate it to the heavens and worship it as miraculous without giving us time to know its principles. I have fallen for almost all of them, that is why today I do not like to cling to any belief because I have learned that the answers are found precisely in questioning them. 

Beyond sharing my inner peace and love for yoga, I have had to develop critical thinking to contribute to that those who practice with me are aware of these beliefs that through advertising tell us that the image is the most important thing. Yoga is not reaching our idea of perfection and Âsana does not work alone because Yoga is a trinitarian method where âsana, prânâyâma and dhyana form a unit. In addition, yoga in each body manifests itself differently and you do not have to be flexible or do a handstand with one hand to practice yoga or be a good teacher.

Demystify the practice

Demystifying yoga and unlearning what we have learned in the dark is something that may make us uncomfortable at first, but it will help us clear the safe stones to be able to cross the river from one shore to another. That’s why I avoid falling  into dichotomies best / worst good / bad, because I don’t want to be locked into a fixed and immovable definition of yoga.  I honor and learn from the hand of many teachers and from each teacher there is something new that I can learn, from their techniques, knowledge or from how egos respond. In short, we must incorporate the principle of Aparigraha to the practice of yoga and let go of our comfort zone. While we enjoy studying the theories and general foundations of books and we must experiment with our practice. 


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