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Your Functional Space in Altea

Our intention is to offer you a functional space so that you can practice yoga and other disciplines free of frustrations. We share trauma informed yoga.

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We help you discover which style of yoga or alternative practice is right for you right now.

If you have any injury or health condition, consult your doctor first and if he gives you the OK, tell us about it so we can give you advice and guidance on how to adjust the practice to your needs.

Aiming for the next session in our space in Altea.

Practice Together

Our classes are a safe space where everyone is welcome to practice with respect for all attendees, teachers and the values of yoga. Don’t forget to take a look at our schedule and our space in Altea.

A Flexible Practice

If your schedules do not allow you to always attend the same class, we give you the option to choose which class you want to attend each week, so booking is essential.

To save while being constant with your practice activate a plan or bonus from “prices and plans”. You will also get discounts on the events we organize in Altea and exclusive access to online video files with which you can practice with classes, recorded tutorials and many more tools.

We will wait for you!

Online Program

I help people who work to reconnect with their calm and desire to pamper themselves. Because it’s not fair that I always play superheroes. I invite you to hang up the cape for a little while and enjoy a community where you are simply you without pressure or rush.

Collaboration better than Competition

At Espai Taronja Altea we are passionate about collaborating with other yoga teachers and entrepreneurs of other specialties related to personal, social, cultural and artistic well-being . If you like what we do and would like to work with us in an event or workshop, get in touch . We would love to hear your ideas to improve the quality of personal, social and environmental life together.

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