Welcome to Yoga Taronja, my little corner on the net from where I share the practice of yoga.

My teachings incorporate mindful movement, anatomic alignment, philosophical yoga clues, pranayama, and meditative stillness.

Furthermore public sessionsand private sessionsI often organise workshops, masterclasses and events with a holistic approach. There is always something going on so have a look to the timetable and stay tunned

Nowadays I offer in person sessions for small groups in Altea and virtual live-streamed sessions through YouTube

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If it's your first time here, apply for a free yoga taste session! Contact me and I will help you to discover which style of the discipline will be more suitable to your present moment. I will send you the link to the next online yoga session.

What do you need? Nothing else than your breathing and a screen device to connect to internet.

What don't you need? No need to be flexible, do the handstands with one hand or to wear the ultimate leggins.

Can you breathe? Then you can practice yoga.

The only recommendation is to have a matt and comfortable clothes on.

And remember! if you have an injury or an important health condition, first have a chat with your doctor and whenever you get the OK, then let me know about your current conditions so I can offer tips and guide you on how to adapt the practice to your needs.


próximo evento de yoga

Te animamos a pasar un fin de semana de inmersión al yoga en el hermoso hotel el Tossal de Altea con una masterclass de Ashtanga yoga por Cosmin Yogi.